Your company joins self-consumption and self-awareness with Voltaic

More and more companies and industries are investing efforts to reduce their energy consumption and use renewable energies.

Voltaic is the partner you need for accompanying your company towards its energy transition and, together, strengthen the environmental commitment with the present and future of our planet.

Reasons to join self-consumption with your company

  • Save on your bill and reduce market dependency

  • Keep track of your energy production and expenses at all times.

  • Produce your own green, renewable and non-polluting energy

  • Care for the planet and reduce your company’s environmental footprint

Find out about grants for implementing self-consumption in your company

Public administrations are committed to the progress towards new sustainable models, which is why they are promoting important economic and legal incentives for companies that want to join self-consumption.


IBI rebates (real estate tax)


IAE (business activity tax) rebates


ICIO rebates (building permit)

This subsidies plus the economy of scale that makes it possible to work with installations on large roofs, allow the cost of amortisation of the photovoltaic installation to be made profitable in a period of around 5 years.

What equipment makes up your company’s photovoltaic installation?

Solar photovoltaic installation for households


The panels collect the sun’s energy and convert it into direct current electricity.


It is the device in charge of transforming direct current into AC current (230V-400V) necessary to be used in industrial machinery.


This equipment measures the energy that the self-consumption installation supplies to the circuit of your industry and the energy it consumes from the conventional grid.

Companies that have joined self-consumption with Voltaic