Specialists in solar photovoltaic installations for your home

At Voltaic we are experts in solar photovoltaic installations for households, accompanying you throughout the process of your energy transition.

  • We define and design the solution that best suits your real needs.

  • We execute the project

  • We carry out all the legal procedures required to start up your installation.

Start the countdown to join self-consumption and save on your electricity bill!

Join the self-consumption for your home and start to enjoy all the advantages.

  • Save on your electricity bill

  • Keep track of your energy production and expenses at all times.

  • Produce your own green, renewable and non-polluting energy

  • Take care of the planet and reduce your environmental footprint

¿ How does the photovoltaic installation work in your home?

The solar panels that we will place on your home will collect solar energy and convert it into electrical energy. The panels can be placed on the roof, on the façade or on a pergola, depending on the orientation of your residence.

At Voltaic we will propose the best solution for your case so that you can produce as much energy as possible.


Consume the energy you produce. The solar photovoltaic installation will supply the electricity needs of your home (electricity, electrical appliances, even if you have an electric vehicle).


Compensate the energy you do not consume. The energy generated by your solar photovoltaic installation that you do not need will be fed directly into the grid and your supplier will compensate you for this in your monthly electricity bill.


Smart batteries. If you want to stop relying 100% on energy from the conventional grid, we can install smart batteries in your home that accumulate the energy you generate and do not use, so that you can consume it later.

What equipment makes up the photovoltaic installation in your home?

Solar photovoltaic installation for households


They are the starting point for any domestic self-consumption installation. The panels are strategically positioned so that the sun’s rays strike them directly and convert solar radiation into direct current electrical energy.


It is the device in charge of transforming the direct energy (generated in the panels) into AC energy (the one used in households).


Responsible for storing the energy generated and guaranteeing the electricity supply 24 hours a day. The use of a battery is optional and allows energy to be available during the hours when the sun is not shining, thus reducing the dependence on conventional grid power.


This equipment is responsible for recording the amount of energy that your photovoltaic installation has fed into the conventional grid and the amount of energy you have consumed from the grid.