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self-consumption photovoltaic installations

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self-consumption photovoltaic installations

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self-consumption photovoltaic installations

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self-consumption photovoltaic installations

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self-consumption photovoltaic installations

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Residential installations

System for generating electricity in homes using photovoltaic solar panels, with storage and own use.

Industrial installations

System for generating electricity in industries using renewable sources, with storage and own use.

Off-grid installations

A system for generating electricity in remote areas or areas without access to the conventional electricity grid, using renewable sources and self-storage.

Wind energy

Hybrid power generation system that combines photovoltaic and wind power for all-day power.


The process of periodically checking and repairing electricity generation facilities using renewable energy sources to guarantee their efficiency, safety and prolong their useful life.

Electric car charging points

Devices for charging electric vehicle batteries, connected to the domestic electrical grid. They offer equal parts speed and efficiency in recharging.

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